A Breakdown Of The Many Residential Cleaning Company Advantages

Reasons To Start A Cleaning Franchise

Cleaning franchises in particular take up a considerable share of the market, with the obvious benefits of designated territories and tried and tested business practices, training and support.

Cleaning franchises come in all shapes and sizes, from carpet cleaning franchises to commercial cleaning franchises to domestic cleaning franchises.

With the ever-growing number of companies outsourcing their cleaning, there’s plenty of business opportunities in the sector. And in our on-the-go society, it looks like there will never be a shortage of time-poor, cash-rich potential customers looking for domestic cleaning services.

Whichever option you choose, there are some universal positives. Here are our top reasons to start a cleaning franchise:

Low start-up costs

And as they are predominantly home-based, cleaning franchises are cheaper to run, on a long-term basis, than other franchised businesses that need premises. In fact, many franchisors in this sector claim their franchisees can start earning profit straight away.

No cleaning skills required

Firstly, running a cleaning franchise doesn’t mean you’ll have to pull on your marigolds.

Most cleaning franchises are management operatives where you will be organising a team of housekeepers or commercial cleaners and generating clients for their services. Organisational skills are a must as well as good people skills and buckets full of enthusiasm.

High demand

As an increasing number of families are becoming dual-income and our lives become busier than ever, a weekly cleaner has become more of an essential part of the monthly household budget, rather than a luxury used only by the wealthy.


On paper, owning a cleaning franchise business may not seem like the most fulfilling job in the world but bear in mind that this is a role which involves interacting with people on a daily basis and creating positive outcomes for cleaners and clients as well as yourself. Becoming a cleaning franchisee will require plenty of social skills (so extreme introverts need not apply!) and if this is a strength, it will be an enjoyable experience.


It’s Easy to Get Started Today

  • Meet with us to learn more and explore options.
  • Review the circular
  • Pick a starting package
  • Schedule a signing date
  • Schedule the training
  • Start with your first customer that needs commercial cleaning
  • Build your janitorial services business


Why will commercial cleaning franchises always be in demand?

  1. They’re a cost-effective way of keeping the workspace clean. If bosses ask their employees to make sure their desks or work areas are always spotless, they’ll have to take time out of their day to do extra cleaning duties.
  2. They help create a professional feel for visiting clients. All businesses want to impress customers, whether they’re a retailer attracting shoppers, a legal firm welcoming clients or an online company hoping for new visitors – to name a few examples. By enlisting the help of a commercial cleaning franchise, bosses can make sure their workspace is ship-shape every single time a potential customer stumbles upon it. That means there’s never a mad panic at the last moment.
  3. A clean workspace helps maintain workers’ mental and physical health. Businesses can protect their employees’ wellbeing by making sure their premises are always clean and tidy. Letting dust and grime accumulate can lead to unhygienic working conditions and even be dangerous at times when viruses are spreading or allergies are flaring up. But as well as negatively impacting workers’ physical health, business owners who put up with dirty workspaces may be putting their employees’ mental wellbeing at risk too.
  4. They help maintain the building. If business owners make sure their premises are looked after on a day-to-day basis, they can reduce the likelihood of needing to carry out more significant work later on. In theory, paying for regular cleaning should be more cost-effective than forking out for major maintenance work. Either way, it’ll definitely save time.
  5. Professional commercial cleaners will do a great job. As you can imagine, an established cleaning business will probably clean a workspace to a much higher standard than its occupants would. People who clean for a living will have specialised products to get real results and know all the tips and tricks for making a space look as good as new.


Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

There are many great opportunities when it comes to independently owned small to mid-size businesses for sale. There are also a lot of great franchise opportunities available.  If you are open to exploring the franchise opportunities available the commercial cleaning industry is an area you should consider.  Commercial cleaning franchises are quickly becoming a popular choice among business buyers and here are my 6 reasons why you should consider one.

#1 – Industry Growth

The commercial cleaning industry has seen consistent growth even during the recession.  It is estimated that revenues from commercial cleaning companies will exceed $67 billion this year.  More and more companies are outsourcing their cleaning and are willing to sign ongoing agreements with a reputable provider.  Commercial cleaning franchises provide instant name recognition to business clients looking for someone they can trust.

#2 – Home Based Opportunities

As you are researching potential franchises, keep in mind that there are some that can be run from a home office.  Home based business opportunities are becoming a popular choice among many Entrepreneurs as not needing a physical office space can greatly reduce overhead costs.  Having this flexibility is a great option.  You can always start out working from your home office until you get the business up and running and then move into office space when cash flow allows.  Growing your business in phases like this can be a great way to ensure your success because you aren’t taking on a ton of debt and expenses right out of the gate.  You’re giving your business a chance to get started before you have to start paying someone rent.

#3 – Lower Startup Costs

On top of having the ability to run this business from your home to save on expenses, the commercial cleaning business generally has low startup costs.  Of course there are some franchises that cost more than others but companies like Jan-Pro offer franchises with an initial investment as low as $3,100.  Jan-Pro was ranked #12 on the 2014 Franchise 500 list and they have over 11,000 locations worldwide so you can get into an established, reputable franchise for a reasonable initial investment.

#4 – Proven Business Model

The commercial cleaning service business is nothing new. Companies have been successful in this industry for years and the business model is proven for the most part.  With a franchise, the company has taken the time to put operating procedures in place as well as training and other essential functions to help you succeed. They have also done the leg work for you in terms of marketing by creating a brand identity.  If you are buying into a larger franchise, they probably offer advertising and other types of marketing services that you would otherwise have to do yourself if you were an independent commercial cleaning company.

#5 – Stability

Many small businesses have to worry about the ups and downs of the economy when it comes to their revenue.  In the commercial cleaning business you can expect a certain level of stability.  The customers you’ll be working with pretty much have to have your services in order to keep their facilities clean for their own employees and their customers.  With that, while you may see some cutting back when times get tough, they will most likely stay with you unless you give them a reason not to.  If you provide your customers with a high quality service and leave them satisfied with your work, you can expect your revenue to remain stable.

#6 – Not A Desk Job

There are many people that can’t stand the thought of sitting behind a computer all day.  If you’re one of those people, there is one more reason for you to consider a commercial cleaning franchise it’s not a desk job.  Even if you don’t want to be hands on and actually providing the services, as the owner your role could be traveling from job to job doing quality control.  You could be in the field when you want to be and spend time at a desk when you have to.  If you want a desk job, this business may also work since you could hire someone to be in the field.  Also, there are some cleaning franchises that allow for absentee ownership.  In that case you’d be able to check in occasionally and most of your work would be done from your desk.


The Cleaning Market is Stable

Cleaning falls under an important category of services: time savers. If a business had to dedicate an employee to cleaning up around the office, that employee would spend almost all of their day cleaning, costing the company money through lost productivity. That would be unrealistic, which is why almost every office out there has professional cleaners come and take care of the job for them. Saving time is one of the most valuable things that a business can do for its clients, and cleaning services are one of the time-saviest businesses out there.

Even though recessions and depressions affect cleaning services the same as any other business, cleaning services are likely to stay on the payroll in tough times. Even if layoffs are occurring, the office still needs to be clean, else productivity and morale will suffer. It’s common for businesses to reduce cleaning frequency in tough times, but it’s uncommon for them to cut off services altogether.